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Rio is something else… Rio has something unique …


You’ve probably heard that Rio is a really a dangerous city; it’s probably true but as long as you’re conscious of the danger and keep this in mind, you will not face more danger than in any other city. 


Everyone that has visited Rio has fallen in love with it instantly. The energy the city spreads far and wide. The city offers a lot of options, you don’t need to be a beach person to stay there.  The city is surrounded by a tropical jungle and offers breathtaking views, while music rings in its every corner, from traditional samba to the shaky funk, this makes the entire city come alive.


The carnival of Rio is probably the craziest thing that I have ever experienced, the city literally stopped time for the celebrations. All the shops and businesses closed and people went ahead and put on their fanciest dress. At every corner, a blocos of music takes place.  Tons of people walk, sing and dance as they follow the music. From sunrise to sunset, the parties never stop and keep you shaking to the rhythm of the samba.


I got blocked in Rio and could not leave for weeks…  the human warmth and energy released make you wonder if you should ever leave the city. That’s probably the case in lot of cities in Brazil, many times I remember asking myself ... “is this real ?”, people just enjoying the present moment? Accepting to live in the moment is what we miss the most in European societies, where we are always anxious about tomorrow, we forget to live the now..,   


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