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Experiencing new things and discovering new places are my key drivers. I constantly try to push myself out of my comfort zone. I use photography to create stories and capture moments.


For 2 years, I travelled around south America.  I started this journey as a kid discovering life.

At the beginning, it felt a bit scary, it’s difficult to express what I was feeling but I didn’t feel in the right place… I had to format myself from all the clichés that society had made me believe.


After a few days of traveling, I quickly understood that I was wrong about time pressure; life is not a highway road. I had this feeling that I was forced to move on to the next stage of my life as soon as I could. I had this feeling that I needed to get to the last stage of my life and only then would I be happy. Traveling helped me to disconnect from everything and get out of this societal path… Accept the right moments and don’t live in the expectation of a better future.


The second thing that I noticed was the luxury that I had not be happy.  I saw so many smiles everywhere… people happy with simple and small things…  society pushes us to always want more and bigger… be happy with what you have today. I began to balance out all my previous choices and how society made me believe what the norm was or what I needed to own in order to be happy..  


I keep on traveling and learning new things, meeting and sharing them together with others, understanding what the world looks like from other perspectives… it’s difficult to find the correct words to describe how traveling made me grow: breaking the monotony, balancing  out my previous choices and interests, opening up my own mind, experiencing new stuff ...  exit society’s path and free myself ... free to make my own decisions, free to learn, free to challenge myself ... free to rediscover myself … free to be who I want to be…

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