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Cariocas (locals) have the beach culture ... you will quickly understand that beaches are an important place in their daily life... and even more so at the end of the week when people spend their entire day at the beach.


Locals are more likely to say “tenha uma boa praia” (“have a good beach”) than “have a good day”. They wake up wondering whether rain or clouds will ruin their day under the sun, and rather than ask what you do for a living, they will want to know which part of the beach you are going to.


Every hour is special at the beach, during the early morning and at the end of the day you will see people practicing sports. During the day you will see people sitting under umbrellas, refreshing themselves with the famous caipirinhas. At the end of the afternoon, when the sun is softer, you will progressively see more and more people playing football. And then suddenly you realize that hundreds of footballs are flying in the air. It’s impressive to see the amazing football skills Brazilians have. You understand that football is more than just a sport in brazil, it’s a real culture…


My favorite hours are probably the sunset hours and particularly the one after the sun is completely down, the light allows you to capture the most beautiful moments. People usually leave just after the sun goes down and miss out on best light of the day.


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